The Company

Window and Door Systems

Synco is one of the leading companies in the production of PVC Door and Window Systems, in the Greek market. Its headquarters are in Thessaloniki. It was founded in 1984. Since then, it plays a leading role in this domain offering integrated solutions for buildings of any size and use (homes, business structures, schools, industries, complex and special constructions). In its modern privately owned production facilities of 7.000 s.m. acreage, window and door systems are produced using exclusively profiles of Kömmerling the leading supplier and complying with the demanding quality standards of the German giant.

The structure

Syncos’ manpower is constituted of professionals with knowledge, technical brilliance and experience. The company is continuously investing in its workers training in order to meet all requirements and keep updated with technological developments.

Syncos’ Philosophy and Service

Syncos’ constant growth has established it in consumers perception as the leader in its domain. Its basic principal has always been the high quality of its products which in accordance with its technical support, enable the realization of creative solutions that fulfill the most exclusive architectural requirements. Syncos’ philosophy is absolutely client oriented , offering credibility and always trying to compensate the confidence clients show to it. Synco undertakes the replacement of the old window systems in one day only, no charge, by its qualified team and offers 10 years written guarantee and service for a lifetime!

Syncos’ Total Solutions

Synco is also a retailer of armored doors, interior doors, kitchen furniture, wooden and laminate floorings as well as external insulation-energy saving systems, thus offering integrated solutions for every space.

Syncos’ Network

Synco has a wide network of associates in several cities in Greece as well as in Cyprus, Germany and Sweden. It is steadily expanding in order to maximize its service points.