Welcome to Synco, a leader in the production of PVC Window and Door Systems, active in the Greek and other European markets, for almost 30 years. Synco is member of the Hellenic Passive House Institute (E.I.PA.K.). 

All SYNCO products are certified according to the latest Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9th March 2011. 


The PVC Window and Door Systems market

PVC Window and Door Systems sales in Greece are steadily increasing. The affordable cost, their ideal thermal and insulation characteristics and the proportion between quality of product and price, are some of the main reasons why Greek consumers show a growing confidence to a reliable and guaranteed product.

What is PVC and how is it produced?

The chemical bond between 57% chlorine, derived from industrial grade salt and 43% ethylene derived predominantly from oil forms a colorless gas called Vinyl Chloride (VC).  This gas is polymerized with oxygen and light which means that the molecules bond with each other and form bigger groups of molecules.  This is the way Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC is produced

PVC is an ideal material which is mainly used in construction as well as for the production of synthetic window and door frames.  Its exceptional technical capacities, its resistance to all weather conditions, UV radiation and corrosion, its light weight and flexibility, its flame retardancy as well as its thermal and sound insulation characteristics, are added to its success.  No other material has such numerous advantages.  Apart from its long life, we must stress that the cost for its maintenance is very low and that it is a recyclable material. 

Insulation and energy saving expenses by Synco

PVC window and door systems by Synco are improving the energy efficiency of your building and account for saving a great deal of energy expenses.  Not only they offer a remarkable protection from cold and heat which means energy saving but they also contribute to the protection of the environment.  When combined to the technologically updated energy glasses (low-e planistar 4 seasons and low-e planitherm 2 seasons) also to the insertion of argon noble gas, they contribute to a remarkable energy saving. 

SYNCO  energy frames combined to double or triple glazing achieve energy reduction of Uw up to 0,64 W/m2K

Synco PVC Window and Door Systems are produced according to the standards for the energy enhancement of buildings, required by the program “saving at home” and for issuing a “building energy certificate”.

Morever, Synco's PVC Window and Door Systems are designed, produced and placed only by Synco according to the measurements of your building.   Synco undertakes the responsibility to disassemble your old window and door systems and place your new ones in one day only!  Synco offers a ten year written guarantee!

Characteristics of the energy glasses

Double glazing 5-16-4 low-e (soft coating) planistar 4 seasons high light transmission (LT)% 71%.

Solar factor (SF) 0,41. This factor represents the percentage of the solar energy transferred through the glazing of a frame and reaches the interior. The lowest this factor is, ensures a higher protection from the sun.

Insulation factor Ug-value up to 1,1W/m2K with the insertion of Argon, while with air 1,4W/ m2K. This indication represents the quantity of interior heat that goes through the glazing and dissolves.  The lowest the indication is, the loss of energy lessens and frames have a better insulation impact.

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