ParkettWe offer floorings of top quality and aesthetics. We cooperate with select firms that produce solid, semi-solid, laminate, 12mm laminate and deck floors of high specifications.

Wood is a natural, tough, timeless material that adds warmth to any premises. High processing technology and absence of chemicals render it a utilitarian, eco-friendly and aesthetically excellent material.

On the other hand, laminate floors offer the feeling of a wooden floor with the durability of marble or ceramic tiles. Thanks to their exceptional toughness, they can be used at the most demanding residential and professional premises, offering excellent aesthetics at a truly affordable cost.

12mm-thick laminate floors offer the feeling of solid wood planks, with a highlighted perimeter on each plank and an embossed surface that highlights wood patterns.

For external areas (pools, balconies, cafés-bars, etc.), we offer the most modern decks; they are made using an excellent combination of wood and PVC. Deck planks have the natural texture of wood, are available in two colours - brown and mouse grey - and require no maintenance. 


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