Certifications & Environmental Preoccupation

greenHouseSyncos’ Certification and Environmental Preoccupation

Syncos’ PVC Window and Door Systems are recyclable and environmental friendly according to “Greenline” convention adopted by Κömmerling.

The extensive pollution, the energy problem, the mass destruction of wildlife, the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole, are some of the isgreenline-Logosues that have forced governments, social organizations as well as everyday people to start worrying and studying the physical and biological laws and take action for the rebound of the physical equilibrium.          

Syncos’ new technology products are characterized by modern and environmental friendly stabilizers. Apart from saving energy and establishing special ecological liability, Synco has adopted the European instruction for structural materials 89/106EEC and the EN 14351-1 Product Standard also provided with the CE mark for products, declaring in this way, its compliance with the European instruction.

Synco is operating according to Quality Management System requirements of the International Standard ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001/2008

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