HST Premi Door

Aesthetics and functionality

Synco PremiDoor is a ground-breaking product, offering perfect thermal insulation, sound-proofing, stability, impermeability and exceptional functionality. The most prominent characteristic of the Premidoor is that it is based on a modern 70mm profile system. The light, silent motion of the sliding elements is another top asset. Series variations include sheets up to 3.0m in width and 2.5m in height and enable you to satisfy even the most challenging architectural features. Premi Door, Synco’s new, heavy duty door, allows for the creation of very large openings towards gardens or balconies; this ensures brightness and helps create a single space.





Thermal insulation: Uf 1.9 W/ m2K 
Soundproofing up to Rw=39 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-3 
Burglar-proofing up to WK2 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627 
Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Category: 4
Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12208 Category: 9Α 
Wind pressure resistance in accordance with DIN EN 12210: Category: C2 / B3 
Mechanical strength in accordance with DIN EN 13115 Category:
Functionality over time in accordance with DIN EN 12400 Category: 2